Sneak Peek: Tree Nut Cheese

Learn how to make cheese from nuts! This course covers cheese making techniques from using simple probiotics, to using specific cheese cultures such as Camembert and Roquefort.

Cashew Camembert

  • Is it really possible to make Camembert from cashews? The photo here is just that 🙂 This creamy cashew Camembert is a perfect replacement for dairy Camembert and goes great on crackers; especially with some sundried tomatoes and peppers.

Fibrous Cheese Base

  • Learn a base recipe that so many other cheeses evolve from. To make what we call fibrous tree nut cheeses, you’ll first need to learn the base recipe. That’s what you’ll be doing here.

Pink Peppercorn Log

  • How to make this gorgeous Pink Peppercorn Log.  We’ll be taking that fibrous cheese base and turning it into something any guest would be impressed with.